Celebrate January!

A Vin ExperienceWow… November and December were packed with many holiday Vin’s. We had such a good time celebrating with our Vin customers. And boy, do they know how to throw parties….

We were also lucky to connect with another local business, Queen Anne Dispatch, and combine a Vin tasting with boutique shopping. What a fantastic turn-out we had. Thank you for all those who stopped by. We hope everyone enjoyed their holiday gifts!



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Even though January seems like a ho-hum month, with Vin Wine and Events that can change. Now is the time you can hang out with the people you really want to hang with. Obligatory holiday parties are over, which means more YOU time. So, why not spark January up with a private wine tasting.. in your own home. Invite your close friends over, put out a few nibbles and we provide the rest. Check out our Experiences page for all our offerings. We have something for everyone.

Make your 2016 resolution to drink more good wine.. and let us help you with that.

Celebrate January!